Flexible Leasing

While a commitment to sustainability is only half the Vesterra story, the other half is unique in the annals of commercial leasing. Vesterra will help to meet its tenant partners’ changing needs, whether it is increasing the amount of space or reducing. Vesterra pledges to accommodate these changes with a minimum of disruption.

Most commercial landlords balk at changes in a lease, especially if the change entails a reduction in the amount of space being leased. Vesterra understands the ebb and flow of business cycles and seeks to accommodate its tenant partners in any way we can. Our in-house interior design department is always ready and willing to help meet your needs as they change.

As such, Vesterra is unique in the industry, as sustainability is more than a buzzword and viewing our tenants as business partners puts Vesterra into a category all of its own.

If you’re a commercial property owner interested in releasing the equity in your property, you may wish to sell your property or sell and lease back with minimal disruption to your core business.
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