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We all realize this isn’t a “nine to five” gig, and it’s important our employees have the adaptability to respond to customer needs quickly and thoroughly. It’s a two-way street and, as employers, we try to be flexible in return. At Vesterra Property Management, we understand that “life”and “work” aren’t mutually exclusive – you can’t park your life at the door every day. We appreciate the full needs of our team members and do all we can to accommodate them.

We hire people who not only have the essential skills needed for the job, but who love what they do and are committed to service excellence. If you want to keep the best people, in exchange we know that our workplace must be fair, fun, respectful and rewarding for everyone on our team.

We also have a very strong slate of specialized tradespersons and vendors whom we consider members of the Vesterra team. As with hiring a full-time employee, we’ve learned that careful selection and consistent communication are key factors for success.

The benefit to our clients is as strong an operating team as you’ll find anywhere, with experience and enthusiasm that means the best job gets done every time.

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